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Education for Social Cohesion: Online International Conference (11-12 July 2020)

The Conference will address various dimensions of social cohesion and the role that higher academic institutions and teachers can play in promoting the same. These dimensions include:

Theme 1: Barriers to Social Cohesion (Social disparities and discriminations, racism, gender inequality, prejudices, disregard for Human Rights, unbridled nationalism, religious strife)

Theme 2: Economic and Developmental Dimensions (Economic disparities, extremes of poverty and wealth, role of women in poverty alleviation, inclusive development, spiritual indicators of development)

Theme 3: Education for Social Cohesion (Universal education and role of teachers in laying the foundation of a new world order, Service Learning Activities, Use of art for promoting social cohesion, education in universal human values, Education for life processes)


Bahai Academy (A Recognized Institution of Shivaji University), Panchgani, Dist. Satara, Maharashtra, India

S. S. P. Mandals C. T. Bora College (Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University), Shirur, Dist: Pune, Maharashtra, India


Savitribai Phule Pune University (Department of Education and Extension), Pune, Maharashtra, India

Shivaji University (Center for Gandhian Studies), Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

SNDT Womens University (Department of Economics), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


International Environment Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

International Institute of Organizational Psychological Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

Westminster College (Office for Global Peace and Spirituality), Salt Lake City, USA

Association for Creative Moral Education, Kazan, Russia

TECHNICAL SUPPORT : Mograsys Technologies Pvt.  Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Participation at the Conference is free, however if you wish to receive a Participation Certificate and a personalized e-Souvenir of the Conference

please pay the fees in the fees section of the Registration Form.

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