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Induction Programme for Newly Recruited Teachers in Senior Colleges [ C5 ]

A Collaborative Programme of the Bahá’í Academy and Institutions of Higher Learning

(Residential Course)


It is observed that teachers at all levels -- Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary—have undergone training in teaching methodologies because the required qualifications for their appointment includes D.Ed., B.Ed. or M.Ed.  However, as far as senior college teachers are concerned no such qualification is prescribed.  Only B+ Grade at Post Graduation level and passing NET/SET Examination or have a Ph.D. degree are required.  In such circumstances once teachers are appointed they start teaching.   Usually teachers use lecture method not cooperative and interactive methods, but unfortunately many teachers are even not familiar with the requirements of effectively using lecture methods.  Therefore learning which is the ultimate aim of teaching does not take place as it should. 


This Induction programme will help to enhance the following dimensions of teachers’ competencies.

  1. Classroom management
  2. Interactive teaching and learning for promoting quality and excellence  in Higher Education
  3. Interpersonal relations, personal character and healthy attitudes

Note: For practice of preparing interactive lesson plans participants should bring with them the syllabus of their own subjects and at least one reference book.


Duration of the Induction programme is 72 hours and field visits for 8 hours.  The Programme can be given continuously or in two parts.


50 teachers per batch


Initially the programme is offered in English only.

Programme Content:

There are three modules as follows.  

 Module – I (Duration: 16 hours)

a. Theme: Know the Higher Education :-

b. Methodology: Lecture (50%) followed by Workshop (50%)

c. Sub-themes:

    • Higher Education in India (Historical perspective)
    • Higher Education and 21st Century
    • Role of University in Higher Education
    • Introduction to University System
    • Teachers Code of Conduct as pronounced by the UGC

 d. Evaluation: Theme Projects related to Module (Indivudual /group level)

Module –II (Duration: 16 hours)

  1. Theme: Teaching Learning
  2. Methodology: Cooperative learning
  3. Sub-themes:
  • Lecture method followed by workshop (Usuing reference books for preparation of lectures, drafting skills)
  • ‘Co-operative learning: An Introduction’ including selected cooperative learning Structures (to be practiced in Personality and Attitude Development Module)
  • ‘Experiential learning: An Introduction’ followed by workshop to prepare activities/ games subject-wise
  • Service learning, E-learning etc. (Introduction followed by identifying service themes subject-wise)
  • Preparing lesson plans in groups to include lesson objectives, content, methodology (either of the above methodologies), activities/assignments/projects, evaluation, conclusion, and self-reflection rubric

Module –III (Duration: 32 hours)

  1. Theme: Personality and Attitude Development
  2. Methodology: cooperative learning/experiential learning
  3. Sub-themes:
  • Life skills
  • Building moral capabilities, human values and attitudes
  • Interpersonal relations, classroom management, atmosphere and art of encouragement       
  • Teachers preparing their own ‘Code of Conduct’

Comprehensive Evaluationand Field Visit (Duration: 8+8 hours)

Preparing and presenting five lesson plans that will include lesson objectives, content, methodology (using all the methodologies in Module II) , activities/assignments/projects, evaluation, conclusion, and self-reflection rubrics


On successful completion of the Induction programme participants will receive certificates and transcripts issued jointly by the Academy and the collaborating institution.

Course Type : Offline
Duration : To be announced
Fee : To be announced
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