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Linking matrial progress to fundamental spititual aspirations


Education in Action


Tertiary Education Dropouts


Advance Through Study, Action, Reflection


Building Moral Capabilities and Personal Empowerment

Baha'i Academy

The Bahá’í Academy is an educational institution with the mission to engage in research and action in the field of value education for institutions of higher learning.

Our vision is to reach out to youth in India to develop their latent powers, capacities and build their moral capabilities based on universal human values in order to contribute to social progress and make a better world.

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Education in Universal Human Values

The Education in Universal Human Values Programme is an action oriented programme organized around the gradual acquisition of one or more capabilities: skills, healthy attitudes, moral values, and concepts. The focus of the Programme is fostering students’ personal development and enabling them to contribute...

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The Campus

The Academy is well equipped with basic amenities to host courses, training workshops, seminars, conferences, and other events. An uplifting multi-media Conference Hall with enchanting beauty of the mountain peaks at its backdrop, an inspiring library...

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International Collaborators

Academy has two award winning International Collaborators: FUNDAEC, Columbia & Association for Creative Moral Education, Russia, both of which have received international acclaim for undertaking significant and innovative...

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Courses and Activities

Getting Involved

You may be a student, a teacher, an administrator, an admirer of Academy’s work, an acquaintance, or simply a visitor to the Bahá’í Academy website. You may be in India or abroad. You can help.

We appreciate sincere services that you can render to the Academy in the following ways: 


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