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Fostering Personal Development & Social Progress (2-Credits): Me, My World, My Mission [ C16 ]

 Fostering Personal Development and Social Progress (2-Credits): Me, My World, My Mission

(Approved by Shivaji University, Kolhapur)

A 30-Hour Interactive Valued-Added Course For U.G. Students

By the Bahá’í Academy, Panchgani, A Recognized Institution of

Shivaji University (A++ Grade Re-Accredited By NAAC, 2021, With CGPA, 3.52)



The aim of education is holistic development of students not only academic achievements. Hence there is a need for the students to know and understand themselves and the world around them in a better way so that they can live a happier life and contribute positively to the world. “Fostering Personal Development and Social Progress” course and its Workbook: “Me, My World, My Mission” is designed to help students find a positive direction for their life and shape their future; and even to help them to identify the purpose of their life based on their limitless hidden powers and strengths. This action-oriented Course will also help students to practice new skills and develop a strong relationship with their families, friends and communities. The students will develop more responsible and dependable personalities.


The course has a scenario-based learning design to help students visualize their future encounters and learn to solve them.  Hence learning is around developing capacities, abilities, values, and attitudes that are required to navigate through the turbulent ocean of life and reach the shore of happiness. It provides the compass and the map you, as the captain of your ship, need to make major and minor moves in your personal, professional and social life. The course design is flexible and can be implemented in face-to-face, blended and online modes, as required.  The course includes interactions, videos, audio tracks, discussion forums, educational games, assignments and reports. There are NO LECTURES.


  1. To assist the students to know themselves, their world, and their mission in life based on their unique talents and capacities
  2. To nurture their moral and spiritual qualities,  develop right attitudes, and practice the human skills that are central to self-development and building capabilities for making a better world
  3. To engage in Community Projects through Service Learning Activities and groom their leadership abilities and service attitude


The course is fully interactive and participatory. There are no lectures. All sessions are conducted through cooperative learning, pair and team work.

The course is not theoretical; it is action oriented, so students can implement in real life what they learn, and develop soft skills, people’s skills, inter-personal relations, and leadership skills.

The course has two main aspects: Self-Development and Capability Building for social change.

Each session includes activities, videos, self-study, enrichment activities (including vocabulary enrichment), games, quizzes, reflections and a Community Project at the end.

Students receive study material/workbook in hard copy.



  • Self-Analysis and Self-assessment
  • Visualization and Imagination
  • Team-discussion
  • Consultation 
  • Online Ethical Interaction
  • Community survey
  • Reflection
  • Documentation
  • Summarizing
  • Poster Making
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Narration
  • Role-Playing
  • Planning Community Projects
  • Resolving Moral Dilemmas
  • Community Research for students with Research inclination


  1. The Leader in Me
  2. My Family: My Foundation
  3. My Life’s Twin Purposes
  4. Overcoming My Dilemmas
  5. Helping Others Overcome Moral Dilemmas
  6. My Unity Building Mission
  7. Unity of Action
  8. Creativity & Discipline
  9. Practical: 
    • Practical 1: Gender Equality
    • Practical 2: Uprightness
  10. Service-Learning Activities (Community Project)

This Course meets the criteria set by NAAC in following ways:

  • Extension Activity (60 Marks)
  • Faculty empowerment through their involvement in the course implementation (30 Marks)
  • One of the Best Practices by the College. (30 marks)
  • Collaboration with the Bahá’í Academy, a Recognized Institution of Shivaji University, and the College(20 marks)
  • Institutional Distinctiveness (20 Marks)
  • Alignment with the Vision and Mission and Institutional Values (30 marks) 
  • Student centric methods (50 marks)
  • Continuous compressive evaluation and assessment (30 marks)
  • Outcome-based course (60 marks)
  • Academically this course is flexible(30 marks)
  • Holistic development including issues such as gender, environment and sustainability, human values and professional ethics, development of creative and divergent competencies (30 marks)


This Course relates to the NBA Accreditation Criteria in the following ways:

3.2 Programme Outcomes (POs):

VI)   The Engineer and Society                                  VII) Environment and Sustainability

VIII) Ethics                                                                       IX) Individual and Team Work

3.3 Accreditation Criteria (1000 Marks):

Criterion 1- Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) (50 Marks) 

Criterion No. 2- Programme curriculum and teaching learning processes (100 Marks)

Criterion 3- Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes (175 Marks) 

Criterion 9- Student Support Systems (50 Marks)





Evaluation is through continuous assessment of the students’ performance, i.e. active participation, submissions and community project. There is NO END EXAMINATION. Certificates are issued jointly by the Baha’i Academy and the collaborating institution. Grades are given as per the UGC norms.



  • The course can be offered both Online and in Face to Face modes.
  • The sessions can be interspaced over 5 weeks @ 4 hours per week.


MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: English and Marathi



  • Zoom for Synchronous Sessions and other interactive platforms if needed
  • G-Suite for Education / WhatsApp for asynchronous sessions
  • Google links and QR Codes for submissions of activities, assignments and reports


FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: MMM Coordinator, BAHÁ’Í ACADEMY, Shivajinagar, Panchgani, Dist. Satara – 412805; Tel.: 02168 – 240100; Helpline No.: +91 9370705493, +91 8080618894,



Course Type : Online
Duration : 2021-08-01   To    2025-07-30
Fee : Rs. 416/-
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