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हैप्पी हिप्पो पटकथा

Cake, Anyone? (Alcohol)

Place:            Naantali, Finland

Date:             28.12.96

Topic:           Alcohol

Message:       Parents themselves are often, without thinking about it, the first to encourage their children to drink

Characters:  Mother, Father; Pauli and Johanna: their children; Anni; Pauli’s girlfriend

Setting:         Dinner Table, set for birthday party with cake and bottles of juice and vodka


All the characters are sitting around the table, singing “Happy Birthday” to Pauli.

Mthr:     I had a wonderful dream that our children were performing before a great audience.

Fthr:       Wait a minute!  Pauli is going to be the director of a large firm and drive a Mercedes.

Anni:      A Mercedes?  No, a limousine, eh? (Nudges Pauli)

Mthr:     The only thing that matters is that our children are respected in society and trustworthy, honest, hard working and patriotic.

Fthr:       (Standing ceremoniously) And now, may I welcome Anni to our table  (smiles at her, and she smiles back), special friend of Pauli.  And congratulations to Pauli, my noble son, who today becomes a man.  And THIS is how boys become men!

He pulls a bottle of vodka from behind his back and thumps it on the table.

Mthr:     Oh, vodka, let’s get some glasses.  (She gets glasses)

Pauli:     It’s best with orange juice.

Fthr:       What a man, he needs orange juice!

Father starts to pour the vodka into glasses Mother has set out.

Jhnna:    You keep your vodka, I’ll have orange juice.  Ah, the elixir of life!

Mthr:     Come, Dear, a drop won’t kill.  No, wait a minute – have you done your homework?

Jhnna:    I’m a hard worker, at least!

Fthr:       Than here’s your share of the elixir of life!  (He pours vodka into her glass)

Jhnna:    No thanks, please…

Fthr:       Of course, you’ll have some.

Pauli:     What do you mean you won’t have any, it’s my birthday!!

Anni:      But, Johanna is only 15 years old.

Fthr:       It’s safer for her to drink here with us than out in the streets.

Mthr:     Well, our Johanna here’s a big girl.

Pauli:      Time for a toast!

Every one gets up but Johanna.

Pauli:      Come ON, don’t be a kid!

Johanna looks very uncertain—clearly not wanting to get up, but also not wanting to make an issue of it.  Mother smiles and takes her hand playfully in order to pull her up.

Mthr:     Come Darling… one, two, three!  (Lifts her out of her seat)

Mother, smiling encouragingly, then hands her a glass.  Johanna slowly and hesitantly reaches out to take it.




Mthr:     Come Darling… one, two, three!  (Lifts her out of her seat)

Mother, smiling encouragingly, then hands her a glass.  Johanna slowly and hesitantly reaches out to take it.   And then she drops glass.

Fthr:       Why did you do that?

Mthr:      What a mess!!

Jhnna:    I can’t drink this.

Pauli:     Why not?  It’s my birthday!

Jhnna:    I know what happens when you all drink and don’t want to act like that… and I don’t want to see you in that shape.

Fthr:       (Ashamed and covering up for himself)  Hey Johanna, we weren’t serious.

Pauli:     I really think Johanna’s serious…  (With admiration) What a kid!

Anni:      She does have the right to say no.  And though I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, I don’t really care to drink either…

Pauli:      You probably don’t want me to have any, do you?

Anni:      It’s your party, Pauli, decide for yourself.


Mthr:     (Making the best of it)  Well, THAT must have been the most interesting and original birthday toast yet…  I don’t suppose I could interest anyone in some cake…?

All:         PLEASE!!!!


--The End--