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My Family: My Fortress (Video Series in Marathi and English)


My Family: My Fortress
On this auspicious day it gives us great pleasure to begin releasing a series of short videos on My Family: My Fortress in both Marathi and English. These videos relate to themes of importance and joyful living for all family members who, due to the present lockdown situation, are privileged to live together 24X7 for several weeks. The videos will be released one by one simultaneously on the websites of Shivaji University and the Baha’i Academy.
To inaugurate this series we have an inspiring video message from Prof. Devanand B. Shinde, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Shivaji University, Kolhapur. It’s being released today.


Lesan Azadi

Baha’i Academy, Panchgani
A Recognised Institution of Shivaji University

Video Titles:

  • Freedom VS Dominance   
  • Children’s duties towards parents 
  • Backbiting and gossiping 
  • Humour at home 
  • Role and responsibility of mother 
  • Building environment of unity based on trust 
  • Role of mother and father in the family 
  • Justice towards all members 
  • Consultation and conflict resolution
  • Necessity of agreement between wife and husband  
  • Role and responsibility of father 
  • Charitable community services
  • Using electronic and social media constructively
  • Time management and making best use of time to grow together 


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