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ABILITIES, SKILLS & HEALTHY ATTITUDES (ASHA PART 1) A 2-Credit Valued Added Course For P.G. Students [ C15 ]

A 2-Credit (30-Hour) Interactive Valued Added Course For P.G. Students 

(Approved by the Shivaji University, Kolhapur)

By the Bahá’í Academy, Panchgani, A Recognized Institution of Shivaji University (A++ Grade Re-Accredited By NAAC, 2021,
With CGPA, 3.52)


Most of the P.G.  Students are on the last leg of their formal education; many will seek jobs after completing their Master’s Degrees or begin their own enterprises. A large number of these students have had little opportunity to look at themselves positively and develop their value system, unique capacities, moral qualities and healthy attitudes’ and have a holistic vision for their life and meaningful careers. “ASHA” will provide this opportunity to them.


“Abilities, Skills & Healthy Attitudes” ASHA includes theoretical study as well as practical and field work. It has a scenario-based learning design and is action oriented.

The course can be offered in blended, on-line modes, or face-to-face mode, whenever possible. Sessions are participatory in nature using Cooperative Learning, as well as experiential learning methods. There is no chalk & talk!


By completing the course, students will be able to

1.    Know themselves better and define their vision and mission in life and professional careers, based on their own unique personalities, qualities and abilities 

2.   Develop a set of moral capabilities and healthy attitudes that are fundamental to self-growth and contributing positively to the progress of society

3.   Develop a set of most essential personal, communication and leadership skills, and human skills at individual as well as professional levels 


All the sessions will be interactive, participatory and cooperative (Pair Work, Team Work, etc.). There will be no lectures.

Online sessions are a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions

Each session is composed of activities, videos, additional material and enrichment activities including discussion forums, educational games, vocabulary enrichment, storytelling, quizzes, reflections and home activities

Students will also receive workbook in hard copy.


  • Self-Discipline
  • Active Listening
  • Active Learning
  • Group Discussion (In Small and Large Groups)
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Visualization and Imagination
  • Skill of Framing Issues
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Skill of Identification
  • Skill of Interaction
  • Skill of Developing Moral Qualities
  • Skill of Developing Healthy Attitudes
  • Skill of Writing
  • Goal Setting and Making Action Plan
  • Team Work


  1. Knowing Myself
  2. We and the World We live in: Knowing the World around Me
  3. Becoming a Change Maker
  4. Building my Capabilities
  5. My Family and Me
  6. Family Environment
  7. Two-fold Moral Purpose
  8. My Ideal Community
  9. My Moral Influence
  10. My Moral Compass
  11. The Two Traps I May Fall In
  12. Ethical Challenges at Workplace
  13. Happy Hippo Show (Interactive Theatre)
  14. Am I Creative and Disciplined Enough? 


  • Practical 1: Promoting gender equality
  • Practical 2: Promoting rectitude of conduct

Field Work: Community Project

This Course meets the criteria set by NAAC in following ways: 

    • Extension Activity (60 Marks)
    • Faculty empowerment through their involvement in the course implementation (30 Marks)
    • One of the Best Practices by the College (30 marks)
    • Collaboration with the Bahá’í Academy, a Recognized Institution of Shivaji University, and the College (20 marks)
    • Institutional Distinctiveness (20 Marks)
    • Alignment with the Vision and Mission and Institutional Values (30 marks)
    • Student centric methods (50 marks)
    • Continuous compressive evaluation and assessment (30 marks)
    • Outcome-based course (60 marks)
    • Academically this course is flexible (30 marks) 
    • Holistic development including issues such as gender, environment and sustainability, human values and professional ethics, development of creative and divergent competencies (30 marks) 


This Course relates to the NBA Accreditation Criteria in the following ways:

3.2 Programme Outcomes (POs):

VI)   The Engineer and Society                                 VII) Environment and Sustainability

VIII) Ethics                                                                      IX) Individual and Team Work

3.3 Accreditation Criteria (1000 Marks):

Criterion 1- Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) (50 Marks) 

Criterion No. 2: Programme curriculum and teaching learning processes (100 Marks)

Criterion 3- Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes (175 Marks) 

Criterion 9 –Student Support Systems (50 Marks)



Students will be assessed and evaluated through a continuous comprehensive evaluation approach followed by a Course-end viva. There will not be any end examination. The Baha’i Academy and the University will issue joint certificates to the deserving candidates.


Schedule for implementation can be decided mutually by the implementing institutions and the Academy.


The Course is offered in English and Marathi.


  • Zoom for Synchronous Sessions and other interactive platforms if needed
  • G-Suite for Education and WhatsApp for asynchronous sessions
  • Google links and QR Codes for submissions of activities, assignments and reports




ASHA Coordinator, BAHÁ’Í ACADEMY, Shivajinagar, Panchgani, Dist. Satara – 412805; Tel.: 02168 – 240100; Helpline No.: +91 9370705493, +91 8080618894; Email:


Course Type : Online
Duration : 2021-09-01   To    2025-07-30
Fee : Rs. 450/-
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